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5 sweet hairstyles for autumn

She becomes extremely tender and lovely hairstyle familiar with the ingenious variations and subtle.

1. Hair braided commission


Roses are a traditional symbol of romance and it will inspire a lot for your style. If you own curly hair, you should shampoo and hair to dry naturally, and with straight hair, you can use temporary hair curlers, then spray hair spray to hold the waves.

Next, take a small strand of hair from the sides and started three French braid until braid two strands “meet” in the middle at the back of the head. Now, using the same color elastic hair tie two short braided hair.

With the tail is not braided, you cleverly rolled to form a multi-layered circles. Then use pins to fix the hair cycle, and so on “roses” was completed. The final step is to take a small curls at the bottom layer of hair flowers and traditional festival to the ends. And now she has owned the braided hairstyles candy roses are lovely.

2. Curly mess


Curly hair always bring charm and surprisingly gentle. Expert hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins in New York City, said: “To be perfectly tangled curly hair, you need sea salt mist from the top until the tops are slightly damp hair. When dry hair, rolling hair in curlers, but should only be done in the tail light curly hair and slightly bending the middle section of hair to hold. You can bend many different strands to create the puppets and upon completion, you should use sticky glue to keep longer hair. ”

3. Hair braided crown


Hair braided crown is perfect for her love of luxury and elegance. Moreover, plaited hair petite girls do predestined also help you appear every time. Implementation of this hairstyle is very simple: First, you get a small curls at the top and made ​​a traditional festival, then you pull back to the other side and compact clamp or tie the tail of plaited hair. For crown braid hair, bangs if so, you will become more youthful and sweet, if stroked back up, and she would immediately own beauty extremely elegant and noble. Hair braided crown fit just let loose hair and “chemistry” with neat bun style.

4. Hair accessory with bun


Low bun hair was no stranger to the fair sex. It is one of the classic hairstyle and do not require the level of complexity of implementation. However, this hairstyle is listed as the hair style makes you look more mature, if not as old. But just a few more ingenious accessories attached stone encrusted bow, butterfly, flower, .. that you immediately “wearing new clothes” for hair with flair and classic with a little sweet.

5. Optional low ponytail


Concept ponytail always makes you think of her personality, dynamic hair tied with a lovely high. However, just twist a little ponytail that you already own at a gentle style is completely different.

How to make very simple: First you use curlers curly curls to create gentle waves from the middle to the ends. Next, compact force behind all the hair, but not too tightly, so that the sides of the head hair over her ears covered. Combine a beautiful bow grip is that you’ve made ​​the right opposite stupor because of its sweetness.


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