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How to Get Rid of Orange Hair

Bleached Orange Hair

Fixing Orange Hair

Don’t make an orange hair fix into a nightmare

The problem of how to fix hair color dominates my comment boards. More often than not, the right answer is to go to a professional, who can do a thorough consultation with you. They can see and feel your hair and consult with you to get all the history of chemicals that are on your hair. This will always be my first advice to anyone asking me how to get rid of orange hair.“If you choose to try to get rid of orange hair at home, here are some tips” In removing orange hair color from your hair, the potential for damage and unwanted or uneven hair color results, especially for the novice, is high.

If you can’t afford to go to a hair salon, next best thing is to call a cosmetology school and ask about their prices. They will be priced considerably less than a hair salon. If they are a reputable cosmetology school they’ll get it done right, possibly saving you from lots of grief!

That being said, getting rid of orange hair yourself is not an impossible task but it helps a lot if you have some hair color know how. If you choose to try to fix orange hair color at home, here are some tips on how to avoid the biggest mistakes users make in trying to get rid of orange hair color.

I have found One’N Only From Jheri Redding Color Fix, the most user friendly and effective products for retail sales. After reading reviews of the successes and failures of users of Colorfix on , I went to the source at to get answers to my questions. Linda was great at answering all my questions. By the way, there were far more positive responses of results from the people using Colorfix on than negative results. But for those who had bad results, here from the horses mouth . . .

The biggest mistake made by the user Linda says is “not knowing what chemicals are on their hair.” If you fix bad hair color at home, I suggest you keep a card file of when you colored your hair, the product name, what type of hair color and the 800 number of the manufacturer. This way you can determine exactly what is on your hair at anytime. It will be valuable information for any future hair color changes you want to make. Any hair color you do on your hair remains there until it is cut out. Since hair grows about a half inch per month, just do the math to tell if that hair color you did a year ago is still in your hair. If you have the phone number of the manufacturer, you can always verify the type of hair color you used ie; Semi or demi-permanent etc. Here are the big mistakes to avoid!

  1. The user needs to understand this will only remove permanent hair color.
    It will not remove semi or demi-permanent hair colors.
    It will not remove hair colors such as hennas or Grecian formula (progressive hair colors) or hair colors with metallic salts.
    It will not remove your natural underlying hair color.
  2. Don’t make the mistake of skipping step 3 which is called the “Processing Lotion.” After you use Colorfix, you must shampoo out the product and apply the “processing lotion” for 5 minutes. Within 5 minutes, this step lets you know if you have successfully removed the “hair dye molecules” out of the hair. If the hair dye molecules are still in the hair, the hair will re-darken. How does this happen? If the hair dye molecules have not all been removed, the hair ends up oxidizing on its own and will return to dark. You then would know you need to redo the first two steps, providing it is a permanent hair color you are trying to remove. Important: Visually after applying Colorfix it will look as if you have removed color from the hair but, you will only know internally if you have removed the hair color by doing this step, applying the processing lotion. If your hair turns dark in 5 minutes it’s letting you know, these hair dye molecules are still in the hair. If you have repeated the process 2 to 3 times and this step still reverts your hair color back to dark, you probably have a semi or demi hair color in your hair, which it won’t lift out.


  4. If the user doesn’t understand hair color, they may easily reapply their targeted hair color and end up with a much darker hair color than they wanted. They need to choose a hair color 2 to 3 shades lighter than their desired end result. Your hair will be more porous on that day and will grab the hair color, darkening your hair more than the hair color you see on the box.  

  6. A bad smell left on the hair was mentioned a few times in the reviews, to which I was told they need to do a better rinsing out of the product. The directions will tell you to rinse out thoroughly, twice. Another step they can take if the smell is still bothersome, is to make a paste of baking soda and water and put that in the hair and rinse.

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